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Eye-Safety-in-SportsWith the school buses back on the road, it is easy to see that school is back in session. If your children are like many, this also means that fall sports have started back up again. Players suit up with the proper uniform, but having the right eyewear will also help your kids keep their eye on the ball, resulting in a great fall sports season.

From soccer, football, lacrosse, fall baseball and other contact sports, each year 42,000 athletes suffer eye injuries that result in a visit to their… Continue reading


Night-visionAs the leaves begin to change and the beautiful colors start to appear, it also becomes apparent that days are growing shorter and the nights are getting longer. For some Americans this means that they may struggle to see – particularly at night.

If you find you are becoming afraid to hit the road after dark because you struggle to see, now is the time to let your eye doctor know. The answer may be as simple as a pair of glasses, or it may mean that you need to… Continue reading


Are-you-Ready-for-SchoolAs the first day of school rapidly approaches it is time for the annual back to school shopping for clothes, backpacks, pencils, pens and book covers. This is also a great time to schedule your kids’ annual eye exams. Did you know until the end of September 2017 we have a back to school sale – buy one pair and get a second pair 50% off? This sale isn’t limited just to your kids.

August is children’s eye health and safety month. As a good rule of thumb you… Continue reading


Solar-EclipseWith the solar eclipse fast approaching, we see many news articles and TV interviews about the dangers of looking directly at the eclipse. As a child growing up, your parents more than likely than not told you to never look directly into the sun. Something that you probably ignored and still tried, just to be left seeing spots. On August 21, 2017, the United States will experience a solar eclipse and if you try to look at it, this too can leave you seeing spots; or in some cases, damage… Continue reading


Eye-Exams-for-KidsAs parents, it is easy to know when your child is sick or needs to be taken to the doctor. It is often more difficult for your child to know and tell you when they aren’t seeing as clearly as they should be. This is especially true with infants and toddlers.

Unlike adults that have had regular exams, children who have never had an exam do not have a baseline to measure their vision from. The world is new and exciting to them and they may not notice that what… Continue reading


Eye-protection-for-summerAs you head out the door this summer, whether it is to go mountain biking or to the lake to go fishing, having the right type of eye protection or activewear is essential. Eye protection can vary greatly in design and function depending on what type of activities you are to take part in. One of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing eye protection is if it needs to be designed to protect against impact, the sun, or possibly both.

Eye protection has a large range… Continue reading


Fresh-Vegetables-and-Eye-HealthWith spring quickly turning to summer, the annual duties of weeding and watering the gardening have started.  For many people this also means a change in their diet as fresh vegetables are more readily available, and free!  A proper diet is not only good for your overall health, but can help to keep your eyes healthy and sharp well into the future.

While there are foods that you should eat that you cannot grow in a garden, there are several vegetables that you can grow that are good… Continue reading


Cataracts-and-macular-degenerationAs summer is finally underway, and temperatures reach up into the 90’s, many of us will find ourselves at annual pool parties, on the way to the beach, or just soaking up the sun’s rays outside. While sun exposure is encouraged, as it provides a good source of vitamin D, overdoing it can cause more harm than good if you fail to use the proper protection.

July is National UV Safety month and it is a great time to spread information and awareness about UV safety. UV radiation is the… Continue reading


Springtime-AllergiesAllergies occur when your body becomes overly sensitive to something in the environment that typically causes no problems for most people. An allergic reaction may occur when that “something” that you are allergic to comes into contact with your eyes. In many cases, the “something” you are allergic to is airborne, such as pollen.

There are many different medications that have proven to be effective in fighting allergies, whether its spring, summer or fall allergies. If you cannot find a medication that helps you in combating the symptoms, it may… Continue reading


Extreme-Sports-Require-ClarityFor many Americans, spring cleaning is not only a time to clean, but time to pull the fun toys out of storage. Toys such as the pair of jet skis neatly tucked away in the back of the garage or the four-wheeler that is out in the shed. While most thrill seekers take safety precautions when riding these vehicles, eye protection is often forgotten.

With all the excitement these high intensity motorsports deliver, most can’t wait to hop on and go, whether on water or through the woods. While many… Continue reading